Item #196 - Vesuvianite - Rich Purple Crystals

Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada

Description:   A colourful cabinet specimen of rich purple crystals to 5mm on a boxwork of pale green vesuvianite! The crystals are well formed, sharp and in excellent condition. Very pretty from any angle and sits nicely for display! Exceptional colour!
The Jeffrey Mine is now closed with no prospect of reopening, and the pit is filled with water, so I believe these classic specimens will appreciate in value significantly over the coming years as the supply dries up.

Condition: Very Good – well-formed crystals with little or no chipping, edge or surface contact; superior aesthetics; very good for the species and/or locality.
Measures:  7x5x4.5   cm

Vesuvianite - Rich Purple Crystals Vesuvianite - Rich Purple Crystals Vesuvianite - Rich Purple Crystals
Price: $425.00 + shipping (Please email me for shipping details)